Arilot provides design, integration and support server architecture demanding to fault tolerance, autoscaling, security and stability at high loads.

We integrate into our customers’ projects and teams to find the ultimate solution for your business. 

Why choose us?

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain Ready-made solutions

    We have extensive experience and fail-safe maintenance and integration of all Blockchain-based projects (tokens, ICO, Smart Contracts).

  • Cost effective

    Cost effective

    Our solutions are created individually for each client; which means they saves money.

  • no Vendor-lock

    no Vendor-lock

    We search for the optimal solution for the customer without locking you to our products.

  • HLD & LLD

    HLD & LLD

    Extensive expertise in High Level Design and Low Level Design, with full immersion in the project.

  • Infrastructure as code

    Infrastructure as code

    This solution saves time and simplifies server architecture management.

Our products

Thanks to four years of experience in the field of cloud technologies the ARILOT team has produced two products in 2017: Kuberstack - a turnkey solution for deployment automation and Lepricoin - an open source service to work with Blockchain-based projects.

Integrated with Best-of-Breed Technology

  • Kubernetes


  • Gitlab-Cl


  • AWS


  • Selenium


  • Docker


  • Prometheus