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About company

Arilot is a team of talented and highly qualified Architects, DevOps engineers and Developers. We have 5+ years of hands-on experience in building highly available cloud solutions and containers’ orchestration. Our company works with projects demanding high availability, autoscaling, security, stability at high load and with Blockchain-based projects.

We integrate into our customers’ projects and teams to find the most efficient solutions. Our solutions do not use vendor lock-in.

Our expertise and technologies have been implemented in Kuberstack; which is an ultimate solution to our server architecture. The solution is deployed in a fault tolerant and highly available Kubernetes cluster environment built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud infrastructure and integrated with Gitlab CI or Jenkins.
We have a ready-made solution for Blockchain-based projects (tokens, ICO, Smart Contracts). Our team has successfully worked with all popular cryptocurrencies.

our TEAM

  • Daniel Yavorovych

    Daniel Yavorovych

    • Since 2010 — has been working with high load projects requiring high availability and security.
    • Since 2013 — has been working on creating container-based project architecture, implementing continuous integration systems (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).
    • Since 2016 — has been working on Kuberstack, employing his integrated experience.
  • Vladyslav Gutkin

    Vladyslav Gutkin

    • Since 2008 has specialized in in projects using virtualization and automation of infrastructure management.
    • Since 2012 has been working with cloud technologies, building private and public clouds on the basis of Openstack as well as deploying fault-tolerant and auto-scalable environments based on public clouds.
    • Since 2015 has engaged in the creation of project architecture on the basis of containers, implementing the system of continuous integration (CI).
    • Since 2016 has worked on the Kuberstack project in which implements all the accumulated expertise.
  • Daniel Podolsky

    Daniel Podolsky

    • CTO with 4 years of experience.
    • DevOps with 6 years of experience
    • Software architect with 8 year of experience.
    • IT consultant with 14 years of experience.
    • Systems administrator with 25 years of experience
  • Zaichenko Serhii

    Zaichenko Serhii

    • System administration and IT management with 10+ years of experience.
    • Cloud platforms and modern tools of automation of the development processes are his areas of interest. Skilled in providing individual architectural high-available solutions for high-load systems and well known in containers' orchestration technology.
    • Holds a Specialist Degree with Honors in Computer Engineering from Kharkiv State Politechnical University.
  • IMG_9526_min.jpg

    Vitaly Egorov

    • 6 years of experience as a lawyer in a variety of public and private institutions.
    • 4 years of experience as an attorney in the Kharkiv Bar Association.
    • IT development and management with 3+ years of experience.
  • Vasily Lebediev

    Vasily Lebediev

    • Has successfully worked with Cloud solutions and providers with hands-on experience for 5+ years.
    • Skilled Linux engineer with a solid and in-depth experience in most of the modern distributions and 3rd-party software.
    • Developing Continuous Integration / Automation / Infrastructure management solutions and utilities. Building bulletproof, supervised and secure environments.
  • Oleh Makarov

    Oleh Makarov

    • Since 2007 — php/js developer.
    • Since 2011 — ruby/js developer.
    • Since 2016 — js developer/consultant.
  • Aleksei Mikhailov

    Aleksei Mikhailov

    • Python developer with 3+ years of experience.
    • Develops flexible solutions and utilities.
    • Has experience with dozens of complex and unfriendly APIs.

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