Kuberstack — complex production-ready environment

on Kubernetes and СI/СD basis


Kuberstack  is a ready-made solution for automating deployment, code updating processes, hosting and data security. This solution provides an ability to perform automated testing and flexible deployments at all stages of software development life cycle.

Our product is perfect for: Big Data, Smart Homes, Stock exchange and financial corporations.


  • Continuous integration and deployment

    Continuous integration and deployment

    Best solution for keeping your application deployable at all times or even pushing your main codebase automatically into production whenever changes are made

  • Autoscaling


    Kuberstack allows you to scale the infrastructure automatically under a variable load. You pay only for the resources used and not a cent more

  • security


    Our product offers a comprehensive solution to protect your data from unauthorized access.

  • Autotesting


    Kuberstack makes it possible to automate the rollout of updates, eliminating the pain of manual deployment.

  • Infrastructure as code

    Infrastructure as code

    Infrastructure as code allows to migrate and launch your project automatically inside any virtual environment.

Michael Tsyganov about Kuberstack


Kuberstack helped with setup of our platform

SportsbookCloud chose KuberStack to migrate complex financial system to cloud architecture. Kuberstack helped with setup of SportsbookCloud platform on Kubernetes and made the platform scalable. The preparation time of a new environment and deployment of new platform versions decreased to few minutes that allowed us to earn more funds

Michael Tsyganov, CTO

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