LEPricoin — ready-made solution for easy and simple work with Blockchain


Lepricoin is a next step in the evolution product for working with Blockchain BTC and ETH on a basic level: from creating wallet/address to fully integrated ABI Smart contract.            

  • Do you need to develop and launch a platform for conducting an ICO as soon as possible?
  • Do you need to find a service to work with Blockchain transactions or Smart Contracts?     

Get started with Lepricoin!            
Integration of Lepricoin in your service is really simple. You are using a high-level API, and all low-level operations with Blockchain are performed by the product itself. We have the possibility of storing funds in hot wallets inside the service and cold wallets outside the service making it impossible to gain unauthorized access to the main resources of the service with potential vulnerability. 


Important: we guarantee high durability and reliability. All core units are duplicated and especially designed architecture of the application ensures its stable and reliable work.

And here's something else! This is an open source product - you can always conduct a security audit if needed.            
We are introducing you a unique product specially created for Blockchain.


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  • 2.99 times faster preparation ICO

  • High-level security

    High-level security

  • Ease of use

    Ease of use

  • Smart Contract full-stack integration

    Smart Contract full-stack integration

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