Since the 23th of October 2019 Arilot has become Dysnix!

Since the 23th of October 2019 Arilot has become Dysnix!

Dear Colleagues,

In this press release, we’d like to inform you of changes in Arilot's work. Since the 23th of October 2019 Arilot has suspended its activities carried out for the past few years. We're proud that throughout the company’s existence we have gained great recognition and assessment of skills of our engineers who are experts in DataScience, Blockchain, Fintech, E-commerce, Gaming&Gambling. We're grateful to our customers, located in more than 20 countries worldwide, for their trust and fruitful collaboration. We have worked and continue working on projects in the following areas: DevOps, AI/ML and Blockchain development.


However, recently we have seen the need for changes since the team always aimed to develop in several directions simultaneously. Following numerous meetings and discussions with all of our team members, we concluded to divide the directions of the company's activity.

The Arilot company will provide services in the area of private cloud solutions. But, the big news is that we solemnly announce the foundation of a new company - Dysnix. Following the agreement, Dysnix will continue further providing DevOps, AI/ML and Blockchain development services. All the projects started will be taken over by the Dysnix company.

We express our gratitude to our colleagues from Arilot for the years of fruitful collaboration and we wish all of us good luck in getting to new business tops. We hope that each of the companies will receive new recognition. We are always glad to collaborate with you.


Arilot and Dysnix